Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time Flies!!!

My poor, poor blog how I've neglected you!!! So much has happened and I never talk to you anymore....bad Hodaddy!!! Just a quick overview of the past 8 months......rode close to 4000 miles last year. Met new folks, had a girlfriend for a quick minute but with me still cohabitaiting with the ex because of can't dump the house yet was something she said she could handle but in the long run...not so much. But she was nice and all but we really did not have that much in common. I really need to find someone who's just as active and can handle all the odd baggage I bring (Watts). All the hot one's are either married or are maybe to young for me to appraoch without looking creepy. Being in my early 50's but acting in my 20's sure has me messed up as far as my draw pool.
I got a new set of wheels(bike), a 2009 Salsa Big Mama 29'er and I love it. Last year found me riding just as much singletrack but alot of urban riding in Detroit. I have falling in love with touring the city. It's so bike friendly with hardly any cars on the roads in parts of the city. The things you can see on a bike are amazing.
I'm still struggling daily with the whole Watts thing and it looks like I'm doomed to have it bother me till my death. I know I'm just half of what I use to be like and wish I could get a handle on it so much. Really wished I could write that book............
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