Monday, June 19, 2006

Promises, promises...............

I promised to write at least twice a week and well........... HEY, I've been fucking busy!!!!!! Been doing some road riding and trail riding and just taking it easy and enjoying myself. The extra weight is SLOWLY coming off. DId a Trip For Kids at the Rouge Park Trail last Saturday and this was what I wanted to see happen, the kids of the city enjoying the trail. It's still a long way from being finished but it will get done. We finally anounced our race at the farm and we sure hope we get some teams to sign up. It's going to be a fucking HOOT!!!!!!! The wifes done with Canada and she's back home.......SMILE!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's been awhile!!!!

Hi All,
God I haven't posted in quite some time!!!! Well I'm fully back to work and it didn't hurt too bad!!! I'm doing alot of road miles, I put in over 300 last month and that' on a full banger with 2.5's on the front & back. I did my first trail rides last week and I'm really surprised how much shock your ankles abosob when ridng the trail. I felt every bump as I rode and by the time I finished it was a little sore. I still don't have the ankle strength to hammer so a trail that I would usually do in around 55 minutes hammering I do now in about an hour in a half. It's going to be a slow si=ummer. I'm going to stick to the easy trails this summer such as ILRA, MAybury and Novi just so I don't risk re injuring the ankle. But it's sure good to be back on it. PT's going good I'm now working on balance and regaining strength back in it. When I go it's a 3 hour stay, I usually do an hard hour on the trainer and put in around 23 miles and then some weight stuff and balance. Then it's off to the whirlpool and ice.
No new news on the Watt's Saga except the BBC ran a documentry in Europe last week that they shot over here in November and they're sending me a copy of it. Haven't wrote anymore in the book for a month now since the weather is sooooo nice and I'm starting to ride more. I'm going to have to chain mt ass to the chair and just dedicate an hour a day.
The wifes been in Toronto for the last 3 weeks launch the Ford Edge at a plant in Canada and it looks like she might be there for another month. At least she comes home on the weekends.....she HATES it. Well I'll try and write at least twice a week.....I promise. Does anyone actually read this damn thing?????
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