Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Friends Via Facebook!!!!!

Last night I took a big step out of my shell, yes the "Hodaddy" has a shell!!! It takes alot for me to meet new people and that showed last night as I sat in the parking lot of 5th Avenue in Novi for the first peroid of the hockeygame trying to muster up the strength to walk in. I eventually did and then I ordered a beer and stood at the bar watching all these folks that I recongnized from their profile pics having fun, talking, laughing. But not me I just stood there watching until one of them (Sara) turnaround and said "JOSEPH" and that was it. Thanks Sara, Adam and Lynn for helping me breakout. After that I was meeting folks, laughing, talking about bikes and whatnot, not to mention watching the Wings just kick Penguin ass!!!!

It was a fun night and as always there was nothing to be worried about. Last night my life got a little more richer by meeting all these fine down to earth people. As I always say "98% of the people are good it's the other 2% that give the rest of us the bad name"!!


Blogger Lisa said...

wow that is great sure you are going to have so much more good times now your out your shell ^5

5:44 PM  

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