Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's been a LONG fucking summer........

Well it started with my Mom's illness that ended with her leaving me in June, but she's in such a better place away from all the pain & suffering. I miss her so.

Then in July my best Friend Keith, that I've know for 23 years decided to end his life, his mental suffering proved to be too much for him anymore. It hurt so much that I could not even post about it. My next post will be all about him. I miss you my brother.

Then in July the Gloria Steele trial started and ended with that piece of shit Watts being convicted.

Then on Sept 13th he was sentenced to life in prison for the second time, after killing 80+ women. I will include a link to the blog I wrote about that day.

Then on Friday I was at my good Friend Daniel's bike shop, Cycle to Fitness in Livonia and my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was Joel Kurtz of the Detroit News. he asked how I was doing and I told him fine. He then asked if I wanted to fell better and I said the only way that would happen if you told me that the piece of shit Watts was dead. he then replied "then I hope this makes your day!! Watts died this afternoon of prostate cancer." I was over joyed and I felt a rush of weight come from my body that has weighed so heavy for the last 28 years. I answered a few questions for him and thanked him for the great news. I hung up and we all did a shot to toast the fucks death and to his starting his sentence of burning in hell for eternity. I had a big ride planned for that night with all my Friends and the ride was so sweet due to the fact I know that Watts is finally paying his dues for all the hurt, pain, suffering and darkness he caused so many families. Here's the story on his sweat death. My heart goes out to the Watts family for all the suffering they had to endure because of him. I hope their pain can end now as well

I know have an ending to my story and will finish my book over the winter, if it gets published then great. But it's my story of my journey, a long painful saga that started on a cold Saturday night on December 1, 1979 and finally ended in part on Sept 21, 2007. I say in part because the scars are still there, the nightmares will still continue, I hope now with less frequency, that pain will end with my death.
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