Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last nail in coffin and first shovel of dirt........

Well the Michigan Supreme Court ruled today that they didn't want to even hear anything about Watt's appeal. So that's it fuck face, you're finished, through, finni, done, esta lavista biotch!!!!
I'm so fucking happy that at least this parts over and now I don't fear him ever getting out again. Now I just pray the good Lord keeps me here long enough to see this bastard die in prison. I must now write a letter to him rubbing it in his fucking sad little face...........

Sunday, February 18, 2007

One Year Ago Today

Well, it's been a one long year since the Crash at Novi Tree Farm. 25 lbs later and alot of hard work I'd say the ankle is about 80%. I still have some muscle/tendon pain and my balance during kickboxing is shacky, but it's coming along. Wanted to do an annivesery ride today but the snow as just too deep...MAMA!!!! The MMBA Expo was last week and it went well. Collected alot of bikes and parts for Back Alley Bikes, Pat was thrilled to get them. We collected alot of coats and warm clothes for the Warming Center in Westland. Team Tree Farm participated in Project Thaw on Feb 9th at the Bohl YMCA downtown. We peddled the stationary bike for 5 hours to keep the light bulb lit for THAW. It was a blast!!!!
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