Thursday, December 20, 2007

Needed A Change........

The weathers been real crappy for riding the trails or even the road for that matter plus the full banger has been in the shop for a week and the hardtail is hooked up to the trainer. I'm getting bored with spinning and it's a long winter so I need to pace myself with that. Kickboxing is good but just twice a week, so I needed something else, a change.........

So I geared up with all my winter riding apparel and hit the Farm for some snow hiking. I replaced my riding shoes with some Colombia winter boots and hit the trails. When I got there I just followed the only set of cross country ski tracks which seemed to follow the totally unrecognizable mountain bike trails. As I walked I was stepping into a half of foot of fresh snow and each step was a struggle. As I walked I noticed I wasn't the only one that had been out there. I started to notice other tracks of woodland creatures out for a stroll. I saw a lot of deer tracks, dog tracks and raccoon tracks. As I walked I snapped pics of all the tracks I discovered. It was a hell of a workout and when it was all said and done I spent 2 hours snow treking 6 miles.

It was a nice change of pace from the regular regime of mundane exercise, one that I plan on doing again...........................

I miss the trails!!!!


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