Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007 & Hello 2008!!!!

Well let's put that biotch 2007 to bed, shall we!!!!

It was a year that was an emotional roller coaster for me. I had 3 great losses that were emotionally devastating and one loss that set my soul free.

2007 found me riding more miles on my bike then I have in the past 5 years.

This year found me fighting old man time a litter harder to fight of it's effects and I think it's even at this point.

Lets do a review of what 2007 had dished out to me, Joe Foy........


In the first week I had surgery to have my Gall Bladder removed.

Then the last week of we lost our oldest Boxer "Dino". She was such a lady! She will be and is sorely missed...We love you baby!!


The first breath of relief was drawn as Coral Watt's appeal of his 1st degree murder conviction for the 1979 stabbing death of Helen Mae Dutcher was denied by the Michigan Supreme Court. This was his last chance of having it overturned and the piece of shit was denied. This would guarantee him dying in a Michigan Prison. As far as I'm concerned justice still has not been served. I sent him a congratulatory letter explaining to him how happy I was!!!


This month dealt a stunning blow has we found out my Mom had a cancer tumor on her lungs and brain. From this point on I would dedicate spending time with her and helping her through her therapy which would only prolong her life.


I just spent my days riding my bike to and from my Mom's convalescent home as she was getting Chemo treatments. I watched as my sweet Mom deteriorated right before my eyes. She was so strong and always had a smile even though I knew she knew she was dying.


I lost my Mom.........enough said.


I lost my best friend Keith "Sconi" VanCanneyt to his own hand. My poor friend for the past few years was fighting demons that was brought on by his addiction to "mini thins". These little "over the counter" speed pills sent him into a mental spiral that would end in his death. I love you my good friend and you are missed everyday.

Coral Watts is going to finally stand trial for the 1974 murder of WMU student Gloria Steele. I made it a point to be there for the Steele Family. At the trial I really discovered Watt's true hatred for me and the proof that he actually took time to read all the letters I wrote to him. I always opened each letter with "Piece of Shit" and this is what he yelled to me as soon as he seen me in the court room. We continued our banter with each other everyday of the trial.

He was finally convicted for the murder of Gloria Steel and would now have a second life sentence guarantee him to die in prison.

The sentencing of Coral Watts was the day I finally had my say. I waited till the sentencing was done and court had adjourned and as they led Watts from the court room I yelled out to him "Watts, Hell's getting hotter for you everyday your still alive." As they rushed me out of the courtroom I heard him reply "Yeah and they have a special place for you too!!"


This was the month that I finally found out what freedom tasted like......SWEET!!! I recieved a call from Joel Kurtz from the Detroit News that Watts had died of Prostate cancer. I was overjoyed with every word he said describing Watts death. I actually felt the weight of the battle him and I had been fighting each other for the last 25 years just dissipate into thin air. It was finally over, he was now serving the justice I thought he truly deserved.....burning in Hell!!!

So that's about it, not mentioning just the everyday bullshit. But I survived and that's all that matters.

I am so blessed with such a great wife, Laura, a fabulous son, Michael, 2 beautiful daughters Mandy & Alysia, 2 gorgeous Granddaughters Alexsis & Alayna, a handsome Grandson, Dimitri. You all are my breath.

I have such good friends that fill my life as well. We have such great times riding our MTB bikes and doing all the work we do for the mountain biking community in this state. I love you Farmers!!

So not too bad if I say so myself.
Come on 2008, I kicked 2007 in the ass and I'm ready for you!!!
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