Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can feel spring in the air and it's sure feels fine!!

We got some nice weather and I just had to peel my ass from spinning and hop on the Hardtail and do some riding. Last Wed, I was doing a 10 mile snow ride and as soon as the weekend hit the temps climbed and no more snow. Did a 25 mile on Sat, 20 mile on Sun, 20 mile on Mon and then I did a small 6 mile ride to and from kickboxing on Tue. Boy I can feel it in my legs and I'm going to just do weights today. Ride to kickboxing tommorow and then maybe treadmill on Friday, then we have a 35 mile ride for Saturday planned. Temps are supposed to be back in the high 30's for that one. I'm trying so hard to drop this spare tire , the result of the ankle and the slow recovery all last year but it's about 90%. Tomorows my Mom's 78th birthday and I took the day off to spend the day with her. We're going to hit Hamtramck and go to her favorite polish resturant. Did I tell you that we got a kitty and we named it "Kitty"
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