Sunday, February 10, 2008

It Feels Good to Be Warm.....

It Feels good to be warm..... Yes, warm in the soul.

I have been planning and co-ordinating an event which will benefit so many needy in the Detroit raea, it's called "Project Warmth". It's a weekend long event that includes a radiothon and different events in the downtown Detroit area. People call in money pledges to go into a fund to help folks with need to pay for thir rent, heating or electric bills. The event I sponsered was called "Peddle For Power" nad it's were a spinng bike is attached to a small generator and the bike must stay spinning to generate enough power to keep a large light bulb lit.

We manned the bike for 31 straight hours and if we did this then DTE Energy would double whatever was donated in the last hour and I'm proud to say "WE DID IT"!!!!!!

A HUGE "Thanks" goes out to all the following teams and their members for helping and donating their time to spin for "Project Warmth"....

Team Tree Farm, Joe(me), Dave & Wendy, Frank & Claudia, Justin, James, Leslie, George, Brian & Mike.

Team SignOutfitters, Aryn, Mike & Chiquita

Beat the Train, Andy, Mary, Uriah, Matt, James, Duane, Dan, Tom & Pat.

Trips For Kids, Dave.

MMBA, Bill & Marne, DAVID, Tom & Dave.

Detroit Bikes, Alexander, Marilyn & Erin.

WWJ Radio, Al.

Racing Greyhounds, Robert.

Metro Detroit Cycling, Reginald & Casssandra, Jacqueline, Mike, Brian, Twayman, Yvonne, Blane, Larry & Brian.

Oh Yeah and "Paws' too! .

...we were able to keep the bike spinning and the light bulb glowing for the full 31 hours. With that being completed DTE Energy fulfilled their end by doubling what ever was donated during the last hour of the radiothon and the phone total was over $66,000 which means with our help it made the last hour worth $133,000, this doesn't include the online doantions yet so they say to expect it to double.


The seat was a pain but not as big of a pain when you don't have any heat!

Imagine a day and night (-3) like this without warmth, you all did such a great thing this weekend, you should be proud of yourselves.


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