Monday, September 05, 2011


HELLO!!!! ANYONE STILL READ THIS DAMN THING???? Well it's been well over a year since I posted and alot has happened ut I've had a long goddam Labor Day weekend with my peeps and I'm dog nuts tired. So if you want to see what I've been up to and what's in the future check it out Thursday morning!!! Miss you folks!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do you smell that????

Well do you?? I think it's................wait for it...............SPRING!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!! It's been a long cold lonley winter!! Well this weekend found me Friday taking the day off with my boy Frank Bean and we rode from his house in Dearborn to downtown Detroit and then to Hamtramck for lunch at Polonia's and then over to Whiskey in a Jar for some PBR's then to Motor City Brewrey for some more fine brewed beer and then back to Dearborn for a total of 45 miles, the lst 15 in a head wind.

Then Saturday, a group of us Tree Farmers headed out of Plymouth and hit the I-275 pathway to Metro Airport to watch a plane land. Then off to New Boston for a beer and burger at the first place we find and it turns out to be "McNasty's". Then off through Lower Huron Metro park and out into winding roads to Belleville and then off to Ypsilanti to Corner Brewrey for fine brews. Once we got our fill we headed home for the last 20 miles and guess what ....yup...head wind!!! I was so happy to get off the bike after 60 miles. Then mustered enough up to go out and usher a friend off to basic training. Hung out with a Rockstar and her man.

I was going to take an off day Sunday but ended up going for a quick 15 mile ride just to loosen the legs up some. so 120 miles for 3 days and it being in March I think that's pretty damn swell if you ask me!!!

What's that I smell........................

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time Flies!!!

My poor, poor blog how I've neglected you!!! So much has happened and I never talk to you anymore....bad Hodaddy!!! Just a quick overview of the past 8 months......rode close to 4000 miles last year. Met new folks, had a girlfriend for a quick minute but with me still cohabitaiting with the ex because of can't dump the house yet was something she said she could handle but in the long run...not so much. But she was nice and all but we really did not have that much in common. I really need to find someone who's just as active and can handle all the odd baggage I bring (Watts). All the hot one's are either married or are maybe to young for me to appraoch without looking creepy. Being in my early 50's but acting in my 20's sure has me messed up as far as my draw pool.
I got a new set of wheels(bike), a 2009 Salsa Big Mama 29'er and I love it. Last year found me riding just as much singletrack but alot of urban riding in Detroit. I have falling in love with touring the city. It's so bike friendly with hardly any cars on the roads in parts of the city. The things you can see on a bike are amazing.
I'm still struggling daily with the whole Watts thing and it looks like I'm doomed to have it bother me till my death. I know I'm just half of what I use to be like and wish I could get a handle on it so much. Really wished I could write that book............

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Friends Via Facebook!!!!!

Last night I took a big step out of my shell, yes the "Hodaddy" has a shell!!! It takes alot for me to meet new people and that showed last night as I sat in the parking lot of 5th Avenue in Novi for the first peroid of the hockeygame trying to muster up the strength to walk in. I eventually did and then I ordered a beer and stood at the bar watching all these folks that I recongnized from their profile pics having fun, talking, laughing. But not me I just stood there watching until one of them (Sara) turnaround and said "JOSEPH" and that was it. Thanks Sara, Adam and Lynn for helping me breakout. After that I was meeting folks, laughing, talking about bikes and whatnot, not to mention watching the Wings just kick Penguin ass!!!!

It was a fun night and as always there was nothing to be worried about. Last night my life got a little more richer by meeting all these fine down to earth people. As I always say "98% of the people are good it's the other 2% that give the rest of us the bad name"!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HI, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Well I'm back!!! The divorce has been final for the last month or so, but still living seperate in the same house...don't ask!!!! Going to try and start to blog on a regular basis again. I'm sure as a single guy with no real responsibilities anymore I should have some very interesting things to share. But now that I am single, I have one math question....Does 52 go into 26???

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The End...................

.......of it all.

I haven't posted for quite some time due to personal problems, I was trying to work out but today my 14th wedding anniversery I'm officially throwing in the towel. My wife, back in Febuary, was kind enough to send me a "Dear Joe" email while she was in Toronto for work. I knew things weren't good but I didn't know they were at that state. I have to admit that for the last 5 years I've been a handful to be with due to the whole Watts thing, but I was fighting for my fucking survival and was not getting any help from ANYONE. Maybe that's my fault for thinking no one would understand my position and I still feel the normal friend would not understand my fucked up feelings and the mind fucking I was going through on a daily basis because of it all. It's so fucking hard to explian to someone the personal battle I had with Watt's and the promise I had made to myself, the victims and their families. The mental breakdown I was going through on a daily basis was fucking overwhelming to the point I just did not give a fuck about myself anymore. There were a few times I came close but never could do it, be it because of family, scared or whatever I backed down and walked away. I went to a specialist for what they said I had "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" but after a few visits I could just not afford it anymore. Plus after an hour of baring my fucking soul I walked out of his office feeling so confused and no where to turn.

Yes, I know all I did was witness a murder almost 30 years ago but it's not just the act. It was the whole fucking experience that did it and I know exactly when the bottom fell out. The week prior to taping the "Montel Williams Show" I recieved a call from some reporter asking for a phone interview, I obliged and during the course of the call he asked me " Do you know Mr. Foy if you would of stopped him that night close to 100 women would still be alive today? Do you ever think about that?" I slammed the phone down and the seed was planted. Now before that call I truly never thought that but since that moment I haven't stopped. I know I did the right thing that night but still.................

Then the day it hit me was in New York when we were taping the show. I was sitting in the green room waiting to come on stage for the Montel show and I watched the monitor as the start of the show was rolling. After the normal intro they started to roll the tease for the Watts show. Let it be known I had shielded myself from all court documents, pictures up to this point and what I saw on the monitor destroyed me. There were pictures of the crime scenes of these beautiful women's bodies half clothed, bloody and laying in bushes, dumpsters, yards wherever they took their last breaths. Please be aware that after spending so much time with all the victims families the way I did and getting to know the victims via the strories the families told me, I knew all of these women. As the story rolled I felt a fire rush through my body and the emotion rush to my head till I was flooded with uncontrolable tears. The thoughts were running 100 mph through my mind " I COULD OF FUCKING STOPPED THAT CARNAGE!!" That was it folks the begining of the end. As I write this I have to hold back the tears from flowing. That is why I can't stand talking about the whole thing due to the fact I'm so scared that once the emoitions start I won't be able to stop or control them and I'll finally break.

Back to present day, my wife 0f 14 years, together almost 20, I guess is done with me. She filed for divorce and our first legal hearing is this Monday. Just after the above mentioned breakdown I went into a slide that had me so fucked up to the point that I didn't take care of my responsibilities as far as paying things. Our house went into forclousure and we had to settle out out 401k's to get out of it and since then I still have not recovered and she hasn't let me forget it. If it was up to her I should of walked away from the whole thing like nothing ever happened, just not that easy. This is coming from a women that couldn't stand being on the witness stand 5 minutes with out being a basket case and she thinks I should be able to just "drop it".

This morning I held out the olive branch for the last time by buying her flowers and a card for our anniversery. I found them both in the garbage when I woke up. I'm so truly sorry to her and my family for all of the crap I put them through but I did not ask for this. I wish I could just "walk away' from it, "put it behind me" but I can't. I must say I feel a whole lot better now that I know he is getting what he truly deserves, hells' hottest flames but still he has survivors and I happen to be one of them. I do not want this divorce and I wish with all my nheart I was important enough to her to being willing to stand with me and make it work. I was so looking forward to growing old with her, she is the last person I wanted to see as I died. This is truly going to kill me, she was my best friend once and still think we could work it out but I guess too much scar tissue. So even after he's been dead a year he's stll piling up it's my family.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

In Time.....

....I will post soon. Just alot of things going on in my life right now that I don't feel right talking about. Just thought I would let whoever might read this know that's why I've not posted in awhile. But I'm still riding my bike!!!
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