Thursday, July 06, 2006

It just keeps on........

Watt's was on Montel again today but this time it was one of the Canadian victims "Sandy" who survived his brutal attack telling her story. I will never forget the first time I met her, it was in the court room at the Dutcher trial waiting for the jury to decide. I was sitting behind her and she turned around and asked how I was involved. As soon as she had turned around you could just see the suffering in her eyes before you even noticed the scar running down the left side of her lower jaw from where Watts had try to slice her throat. I told her who I was and she did the same and as soon as she told me who she was I already had known it with out her saying a word. The pain and misery that poured out of her was so sad. I can not explain how bad I felt for her as I do all the victims of Watts. I will forever be in their lives trying to do all I can for them within my power. I just wished I could of done something that night to avoid all their pain. My only wish now is a slow painfull death for him and a everlasting eternity of agony and pain for his dark soul.

Someone asked me the other day innocently "If I could do something just once what would it be?" and without hesitation I answered "Kill this person." They asked who and I told them "Watts". But I would want to do it with my bare hands just like he did to the oh so many of his poor victims.
Alot who read this would say that I was no better then him by feeling this way. But they are the ones that don't understand the pain and hurt that this animal has inflicted on so many and still keeps the wounds fresh by not just rolling over and playing dead. His appeal hearing is next week and I'm so wound up with tension I could just fucking scream. I just don't know how I would handle another murder trial. The last one almost did me in mentally. But I would walk on coals just to escort that fuck to his cell on a daily basis.


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