Monday, May 08, 2006

Damn!!! It's been a whole week!!!!!

Man, I've been busier then a priest at Boys Town!!! Been trying to do some road rides to get some strength back up. Laura rode some of Hines with me on Sunday, I rode some of 275 pathway and Hines on Monday, Shannan came and rode Hines with me on Thursday. I did some walking with Laura at Proud Lake. All in all I seem to be getting along, just some pain in the foot. Saturday I manned a table at REI for Trips For Kids. Went to Justin & Tina's house for Tina's graduation party...she's a smart one!!!!!! They ruled on the Watt's Steele appeal and they found they can use 4 of his murders as evidence and they also slated the Dutcher appeal to be heard on July 13th in Detroit. Pics of the week on top.....


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