Monday, April 24, 2006

Good Weekend

I had a great weekend. Went and had Mexican Friday night and took the cruiser around the block a few times. Saturday did the Rouge Cleanup for EarthDay. All I did was hand out Tshirts and take waivers. Then I walked the trail(CAREFULLY) and took pics of all the kids & grown ups working. REI & Trips for Kids sponsored it. A great lunch was provided by Whole Foods. We had 96 volunteers show up and they collected so much trash it was unbelievable. We just did that area 8 months ago. People think the park is their private dumping ground, it's a damn shame. Put michaels dirt bike on the trailer and took him to some trails right behind the Emagine Theatre in Canton and he had a blast!!!! Sunday just took it easy on the foot and chilled. Today I did 30 minutes on the trainer and I actually put the platforms on the Sugar and rode it around the block....soooooon!!!


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