Monday, May 01, 2006

How ya been?

It's been a few days since I jotted anything down. Thursday the appeal on the Steele case came down and they ruled that 4 of his confessed murders could be used as evidence to show similarities to that of Gloria Steeles murder. So that's a good thing for them but now they have to see if they have enough now to bring him to trial. We still wait on the Duthcher appeal. I tried to get some transcripts from them for data for the book but thet would rather not give it to me until the Duthcer decision is concrete, which I'm so good with that since that's what it's all about...keeping that piece of shit rotting. Been doing some light road rides on the FS with my 2.4 on it for resistance and even touched on some light single track. I just don't have the ankle strength to make it up trail hills...soon though!!! My honey went with me on a ride at Hines yesterday and we did about 8 miles and that's real good for her since she never really rides.I'm really hoping to have her start to really like riding and start to ride more with me. There's such a great benifet to bike riding and we would benifet so much as a couple from it. Laura's buying an Enduro tonight on EBay so she can ride with Michael. I wished I wasn't such a pussy when it comes to those things. Hell in Couzamel when we rode those scooters and it was my first time on one I was freaking out. My ass was so tight you couldn't have shoved a straight pin up there with a sledgehammer!!! Looks like 3 weeks from today will be my date to return to work....3 months off...WOW!!!!! I posted a pic of that piece of shit Watts for all those who have never seen him.......


Blogger Alden said...

it's gotta feel pretty damn good to be back on the bike, eh? a few more weeks and you should be go to go on the trails?

5:19 PM  

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