Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why, Just Why????

I was doing some flagging at the Rouge Park Trail on Tuesday and as I was walking down by the river I heard some pounding. I thought it might have been a deer and I treaded softly as I scanned the area. But what I did see was not a deer but a small asian man squating down and beating on the ground with a tool and as he beat on the ground he'd stop and dig into the ground and pull out a worm and then he proceeded to put it into his mouth. I was shocked, so I kept watching and has he did this he would put them in a little sand bucket next to him but every so often he would feed himself one. Then out of the corner of my eye I spot another asian man on the other side of the river doing the same thing. I stood and watched until one of them saw me and I could tell it was instant fear. So I tried to break the ice and waved at them but I got no response from them. What they did do was both directed their eyes to across the river towards a fallen tree and I looked over that way and I saw a small asian women sitting under a blanket that was drapped over the tree for cover. It was shocking to discover that these people were living down there and were forgering for food....worms and bugs!!! I tied to talk to the man closest to me but he just looked at me like the words I was talking meant nothing. I then reached in my pocket and waved a 10 dollar bill at them but they just looked at me, I walked away with such a sad feeling. Can what they are doing now be that much better then what they had just left???? Then I discover that the local vandals had chainsawed a live electric pole down to strip the copper off it. The damn wires were still smoking and were sparking. i called the Police and they told me it wasn't something they would handle, so I called DTE and they said they put it on the list to checkout.


Blogger Alden said...

omg, joe! that's shocking and sad at the same time.

8:19 PM  

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