Thursday, April 20, 2006

Been just too damn nice out..... hang out at a computer!!!! I have been hanging out doing some yard work and just outside isnce the weathers been so nice. Sure would be great to be on a trail though. BUT, I did bring the trainer and bike out to the garage and I opened the garage door and did 15 minutes on Tuesday and did 30 minutes on Wed and it was GRRRRRRRREAT!!!!! Did light resistanace but what hurt the most was my ass!!!!! The ankle seeems to be coming along, swelling in the foot has dwindled and I can start to see the bones on the side of the ankle. Soon............ I got a call from a FreePress reporter and she's doing a story on "Trips For Kids" and I gave her my feelings and experiences with the group. I even told her how I can relate to the kids since I grewup in a boys home and how important these kinds of programs are to these types of kids. If you can please volunteer some time for TFK you won't be sorry.


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