Friday, April 14, 2006

Time flys......

Damn I've been busy.......Wrote another 20 pages of the book. Once you get started typing it's really hard to stop. The words just start flowing and then you read it and think of some other way to convey your thought. Took the cruiser parts up to Sherps shop...Trails Edge in Plymouth, Mi, check it out he has a sweet shop. He was good enough to help me put it together, still don't remeber where I laid that chain!!!! THANKS MIKE!!!! I'll post pics as soon as I get the handle bars. Lauras been busy fabricating a ramp fro the dirtbike trailer....she's fucking amazing!!! Going to be the MC for the Team Tree Farm Annual Opening of Maybury Ride tommrow. Not going to rdie but I'm going to string up some ribbon and cut it...a little self indulgence, but at least I get to be part of it.....I'm fucking dying to ride my bike. This and fall are my favorite times to be on the trail. i love spring because you get to see al the new growth and fall just because of all the leaves falling and it's just so beautiful. Going of to Laura's Dads for Easter dinner tommorow right after I do the Maybury thing. Everyone that reads this say a prayer for a good friend of mine Claudia and her friend Kyle. Claudia's friend Kyle lost her battle with cancer and has now found the peace she so rightfully deserves with God. This amazing woman Kyle, just in January ran a marathon in her home state of Florida. Always ride your bike or what ever you enjoy doing like it's the last time you will.


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