Sunday, April 09, 2006

Well Had TrailDay at the "Farm".

Had the first trailday at Novi and had a blast!!!!!! All I did was cook for all the hungry volunteers but at least I felt like I was doing something...Thanks Dave!!! When eating was done I drove over to where their puting in that new section in the Lost Loop and they were having some fun and did I get bummed! I wanted to be part of that soooo bad. Even though I was there and part of the trailday... I just wasn't building it. This will be one of the first new sections that I haven't helped on. There's is nithing like riding a new piece of trail that you helped create. There are times as soon as I hit a section of Novi, Maybury or ILRA that I don't think of who was with me and the good time we had doing that part. It was really great to see everybody and get a chance to chat, everyone looks swell!!! Started to paint the bike today...looks sweet!!! Going to put a couple coats of acrylic on it when done to hopefull stop simple chipping. Laws came over and we played "Balderdash"!! I kicked their ass...I love that game!!!!!!! Ankle is a ted bit better everyday!!!!!


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