Saturday, April 01, 2006

oberon kinda friday

Well gots me my fresh 6er of some fine Bells Oberon and it tatsed sooooo sweet!!!! Gotta love those Bells Beers!!!!!! Finally got in contact with one of the producers of the "Oprah Show" and emailed her the saga of the Watts story and she emailed me back saying it was a great story and they would keep it in mind for a future show. I hope they mean it and it wasn't just a blow off. I really neeed to get the American public educated on Coral Watts, I made that promise and I mean to keep it. I got an advance copy of Corey Mitchells "Evil Eyes" and read alot of it and it's pretty goodd for a person telling the story second hand but he did do his research on him. If you can go spend the 7 bucks and grab the paperback I actually beg you to and then tell a friend, family member or coworker to get it or at least talk to them about Watts. It's by word of mouth that will get that piece of shit known as the most prolific serial killer in US history just like he doesn't want to be known as. Once that is done I do believe he will then and only then start spilling his guts about his countless victims and all those families will finally have closure. I have made my mind up and am going to start writing my book on Monday. I'm going to start the research that I need and I still have a month and a half left off work and I'm going to dedicate 4 to 5 hours a day on it. Sorry I don't have this pic thing quite worked out yet!!!


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