Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesdays to the Docs I will go.....

Went back to the O.S and he says it's healing good. Maybe in about 3 weeks I can start walking with out the walking brace. I told him that I was already doing that and he almost slapped me. He said either I wear the brace or use the crutches or both. He says there's too much soft tissue damage from the original twisting of the ankle and then from the doctor having to twist it back. So it looks like I better do what the Doc says. Drove all the way by myself doing the left foot thing and that was a little edgy since the reflexes aren't that quick!!! He says I can start PT on it on Monday just some eletric stimuli and ice therapy to control all the SWELLING and some light range of motion. Looks like biking won't be until mid to late May...sheesh!!!!! Well at least I have my cruiser project to work on. I think I'm going to paint it black or red and get some Ape hangers, 30" chrome fork and I'm leaning towards a banana seat with the high sissy bar vs a black and red flamed cruiser seat....input????? Here's a pic.........


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