Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First Lines of Shit.

Still recovering from the MTB accident. Hope to be doing some kind of riding in about a month. I broke my ankle in 4 places and had 6 screws and a plate put in. Still waiting on some kind of movment in the Coral Watts appeals. The Gloria Steele case appeal was heard on March 3rd and no decision as of yet. The Helen Dutcher case appeal is still not on the docket to be heard but they think now it will be in May. I can't believe this asshole kills 100 women and we have to waste all these tax dollars on his appeals when for a 25 cent bullet that I would have proudly supplied could of ended alot of suffering by now. I'm still debating on writting a book on the whole experiance but am hesitent due to the fact of making money on such a horrible story. If I do a good share will go to victims rights. I'm also not sure if the general public would be interested in a story of what has happened to me since the night I locked eyes with Americas most prolific serial killer as he killed an innocent women. Corey Mitchells book on Watts titled "Evil Eyes" comes out April 1st. Any input would be appreciated. Going to the MMBA SE Chapter meeting tommorow and can't wait to go and see all my friends I haven't seen since my accident. I love you Laura.


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