Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why, Just Why?????

Went to PT today and while I had my leg in the whirlpool I was reading "Evil Eyes" and my therapist walked by and asked me what the book was about. So I satrted to tell her the story and then I tell her all about my part in it and by this time I'm drying off my foot and heading back to the table. I get on the table while I'm continuing telling her the story (about 20 minutes now) she starts and finishes Ultrasound(another 10 minutes) and I get done with the story and as always she amazed at the story as is anyone that hears it. So she starts to do the massage and while she's doing it she keeps looking at me and then she asks "Am I hurting you?" and I tell her no. She then asks if I'm Ok since i'm so tense and I just don't look right. To tell you the truth I felt like shit from telling the story. I was so fucking tense and shaking that I couldn't hide it. I'm fucked for life. I should sue that mother fucker!!!


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