Saturday, November 03, 2007

Her Favorite Holiday!!!!

Halloween, it was my Mom's favorite holiday, at least the one she seemed to have so much fun at. On past Halloweens the calls would start early in the week prior to the day assuring her that she was coming over to pass out the candy. They would occur daily asking the same thing. Then on Halloween day the calls would start early assuring her that we were on for that night.

The last call before I picked her up would be asking if I ordered the pizza, she loved to buy the pizza for the festivities. I would assure her that I had. Then she would ask for the 10,000 th time what time I was picking her up. I would always shoot home before picking up the pizza and my Mom to get all the candy and house ready for her arrival and yes, put her chair in place. This would be the chair that she sat in the alcove, in front on the door so she could see the little witches and goblins walk up the walk to her smiling face as she prepared to hand out her goodies.

As I would always pull up to her apartment she would be outside waiting and she never ceased to amaze me with the witch's hat she would wear and the always present smile. She would always have her hands full of bags just chucked full of more goodies for the evening. After picking her up we would head to go get the pizza and then back to my house for what would be "her" night.

We would sit and eat the pizza and once done I would pour her a vodka & water, "shy on the water son!!". Then she would make her way to her special seat and there she would stay the entire night till the last little costumed child was taken care of.

But this year there were no actual phone calls, just ones that I anticipated that never came. I still ordered the pizza and still picked it up. I still got her chair ready with the bowl of goodies in front of it. I did all of this because my Mom was still going to be a part of my Halloween just like all the years past. I truly miss you Mom.

Last night her Church held an All Saints Mass and I attended. They called out all the persons who passed during the year and when their names were called a bell was rung and a family member lit a designated candle for them. When my Mom's name was called I walked up and lit her candle and the tears just flowed as I lit it and such a sense of calm came over me knowing she was alright and knew that I loved her so.

Happy Halloween Mom!!!!


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