Thursday, October 04, 2007

2nd Annual Plymouth Pub Crawl

Well it was debauchery at its finest last Saturday when 30 of us manned our cruisers of all styles, shapes and colors for the Scott & Lynda's 2nd Annual Plymouth Pub Crawl. We hit about 6 bars and then ended up at S&L's house for more drinking and bonfire!!! It was a blast!!!! Here are the pics of the event.

In the last couple of weeks we had some HUGE rides that are are kind of wind down from the summer. They are the U of D Night Ride that goes through the City of Detroit at night...SAHWEET!!!! Then there's the Tour De Troit and that is another tour of the city but during the day. I was part of the sweeper squad sponsored by my good friend Andy, who runs "Beat The Train" and what we did was aid any rider that might of had a problem. No big problems and the ride was a HOOT!!!

This Saturday is National "Take a Kid Mountain Biking" (no Hallmark cards as of yet!!!). We are holding our event at Lakeshore Park in Novi from 10 till 3ish. I love taking kids on these rides because of all the laughter and the big smiles they have when they are all done bombing the hills and such.

Going to post my last post on Watts Sunday at "In Cold Blog" . Still haven't started it and am sort of stuck on how to approach it..........

The last couple of days have been just kick ass weather wise and Fall is my favorite time of the year to mountain bike. The leaves changing colors and falling all over the trail. The woods inhabitants are all over the place getting ready for the upcoming winter. Just too damn sweet, I could ride forever on these days.

Post more soon.......


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