Monday, July 23, 2007


How in the hell can America's worst serial killer in its history be going on trail for his only 2ND murder conviction after claiming to have killed 100 women and there's not a peep of it........ANYWHERE!!!! Go ahead Google his name..."CORAL EUGENE WATTS" and it's all old news as of Monday, July 23rd. I just can't believe it that this POS is flying under the wire again. This is exactly how he was so successful in almost slithering his way out of prison last time.

Is it because the crime is over a quarter of a century old? Is it because it's in a smaller Michigan city? Is it because his evil ass is already locked up for life? Or is it because it's just not exciting or colorful enough for today's press? What more can you give the media??? THE WORST SERIAL KILLER in America's history facing a 2nd murder conviction and nothing. Someone please help me figure this one out. But I will be there for support for the Steele Family and I will be doing it for myself and all of Watt's other victims families. I will be going just for a day and I want it to be the day they hand it to the jury. So I will post back with more as I find out. It jusy blows my mind!!!!


Blogger SourDad said...

Hey HoDaddy,

Thanks for working so hard to keep this ahole in his place.

9:36 AM  
Blogger hodaddy said...

SD, Thanks, it's my pleasure.

8:03 PM  

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