Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year.........BIOTCH!!!!!!

Well another has come and gone...big year thought. This one found me with a close call with me breaking my ankle and almost freezing to F'ing death back in Febuary when I crashed on my MTB on a night ride,by myself,dumb!!!! I gained 25 pounds since the crash and still trying to lose it and try to get back what little speed I had.......wait till next spring. Then our company being bought out and losing our fully paid medical!!! But the best thing was when the Court of Appeals decide that Watt's has to spend the rest of his life in prison by denying his appeal....SWEET!!!! That was 2006!!! Now for 2007...started back to kick boxing full steam and doing the 2 classes a week with a little bit of pain but I'm working through it. I'm going to try and ride there and back to class every chance I get. Did it last thursday and got fucking pulled over by Westlands finest when I guy ran a stop sign and I had to swerve out into the street to avoid getting smeared and the next thin g I know he lights me up telling me to get out of the street...SHEESH!!!! Then Monday I go in to have my GallBlabdder taken out..another week off of any form of exercise!!!! But really looking forward to May when we go to NY to do the "5 Boroughs Bike Race", now that's going to be sweet!!!! Then I'm spear heading the "Ride of Silence for Detroit this year and hope that goes off with out a hitch!!!! We'll I'll let ya know if I survived the surgery by posting up.........


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